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"I didn't decide to have a doula at my birth until near the end of my pregnancy. My mom is the one who suggested it to me. I had heard of them but didn't really think I needed one. Now that my birth is over I know that I needed to have Bridget there! The emotional, physical, and practical support she gave me was amazing. Bridget was very in-tune with what I wanted and needed. She calmed my anxiety with her gentleness, knowledge, attention, care and love. She was very professional but also warm and friendly. Bridget really cares about and loves the work she's doing. I would've had a whole different birth without her there. I am so glad I decided to have a doula. You can bet at my next birth I will be calling Bridget!"
• • Jenny Cluff • •

"Bridget provided support to me before my birth. She was an invaluable resource to prepare me for my birth experience and gave me confidence to enter delivery without fear. It was so great to have someone I could text or call with questions whenever they came to me. Her warm personality and knowledge base gave me such relief in sharing my most intimate concerns with and knowing her answers would be accurate and reassuring. I previously thought doulas were just for home births or "natural" births. I had a C-section and learned that doulas are for every style of birth."
• • Kelsey Yeck • •

"My first 3 babies were in the hospital with epidurals, which is what I had always wanted and planned for.  With Babies 2 and 3, the epidurals left me so dizzy, nauseated and shaky that I couldn't hold my babies for hours after. Not being able to enjoy those precious first moments really bothered me. So number 4, I decided to do a natural birth. But I was terrified!  Could I really do it?  What if something went wrong?  My husband was also nervous and not on board. I knew we needed help and guidance. I called Bridget. She came to my home, taught me what to expect, how to get through labor successfully, and addressed my fears. I felt so relieved and empowered when she left. I asked my husband if he would be willing to meet with her and see if he could do this me. I really wanted us to conquer this together and knew it could really strengthen us as a couple. He reluctantly agreed. Bridget was amazing. She was assertive and talked to him as if he were already committed. She taught him how to support me and what I would need. She somehow made him feel confident and even excited.  Something I had been trying to do for months, she managed to do in an hour.  And we did it!  With the support of my husband, I delivered our baby girl naturally in the hospital. It was such an amazing experience and really bonded us. I felt great right after. Thanks to Bridget, I finally got that first moment with my baby. It was beautiful to be completely in the moment and something I will cherish."
• • Emilee Call • •