Hello, my name is Bridget Olsen. I am the mother of four adult children, grandma to three and aunt to 65I am faith driven and God fearing, which together forged my passion to serve as a doulaBlessed to be raised in a large and loving family, I learned when I was very young that those who support and nurture woman in her role to conceive and bear children also strengthen her entire family.

 My journey to providing doula services began in the ‘90s with the birth of my fourth and final child. The first three were clockwork, even routine in a way -- an IV of pitocin to induce laboran epidural to block the pain and out comes a very wonderful bundle of great joy. But it was the hospital’s clock and the hospital’s routine. And the hospital’s rates. I decided that my last baby would have a home birth -- a choice to act, unlike the former three labors of being acted upon. This meant I would need to do my homework of understanding the physiological aspects of childbirth and embrace them. I would need to reexamine how I thought about birth and labor and my bodies ability to do so.

It was life changing. I became confident of what I was capable of doing both mentally and physically.  This self-assurance has never left me and has had an amazing impact on my life. I did not go at it alone. I was supported by others who both believed in me and believed in the natural process of birth. That made all the difference. became a volunteer EMT then opened a very successful Etsy shop. But I needed something that was less commercial and would change livesDoula training was truly a natural fit. Helping with beautiful births, I am constantly expanding my knowledge about labor, delivery and postpartum adjustments. A lot of my energy and experience is applied to making the best out of both home and hospital births.  I support you in any birth choice you make, whether at home, birth center or hospital. I support your philosophy of birth. 

There are no other opportunities in life that allow a woman to transform herself so completely as with bearing children. It would be my privilege to support you – simply, sensitively and sensibly -- in these intimate transitions for womanhood, home and family.
Sincerely your doula,
Bridget Olsen

UDA Member
I have attended 5 births serving as a doula beginning April 2016.
Currently serving as a Volunteer Doula at the U of U hospital
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